Help Birdie the bartender work her shifts so she can take a nice vacation!


  • Move: Arrow Keys/WASD/Controller D-pad
  • Pour/Serve Drinks/Advance Text: Alt/Z/J/Controller Right Face Button

Art & Game Design by Mike Bedsole

Music by Scott Semanski (check out his soundcloud!)

The .gb rom is also available for download so you can play Birdie Bartender on your preferred hardware or emulator!

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Download 256 kB


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this is a fun idea for a game and the graphics are really good. Especially the title acreen

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Super cute. Music is awesome (as always from Scott) and the graphics are really lovely. Well done on the polish of the game flow and animation states. Its very fluid and the feedback feels nice to play.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)


Great fun game. The music is very good.


Such a cute fun game! Love the music too!


Very good game! Rank B here.

Bird Girl Tapper in a cat bar.


Known bugs/glitches:

  • Sometimes nothing happens when you try to pour a drink. If this happens, walk backwards a step then walk forwards again to reset the trigger.
  • If two cats sit down at the same time, sometimes only one of them will tell you what they want.

I confirm I had the same issues. If a cat leav with a drink, the other one mentioned what drink he/she wants once the other left.

Apart from that, everything was so fun, well designed! Awesome work 👍