You're a bunny armed with the Sushi Gun! Shoot sushi at the hungry cats!


  • Move: Arrow Keys/ WASD/Controller D-pad
  • Shoot/Advance Text: Alt/Z/J/Controller Right Face Button

Art & Game Design by Mike Bedsole

Music by Scott Semanski (check out his soundcloud!)

Update: I've made the .gb downloadable so you can play on your preferred emulator.

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Download 256 kB


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Really cute and amazing!

My score:


Adorable little game


Adorable!! Lovely sprite work, music and an addictive gameplay loop. I managed 83 cats on my first go.

Sometimes less is more, it's amazing how such a simple concept can make for such a fun and addictive game!

 Really polished and cute. I just wish there were different stages, maybe with different cat layouts?

super cute visuals and sound, overall just a nice short experience that you can tell a lot of love got put into. the credits sequence was my favourite part!

Soooo cute! Soundtrack it's beautiful.


wow! great art, music, and simple yet addictive gameplay, we got a good one here folks! laughed when I accidently shot the cat with sushi while they were eating lol  gotten 84 so far hehe


Amazing soundtrack all around :o woaaah

And I really love the style of this gameplay too! Glad to see action games for GB Studio popping up like this.

highest i got is 80 so far

the game broke

Deleted 1 year ago


Got the perfect score and really awesome game btw!

It's a game with a very nice atmosphere!

I would love to see additional levels, but this was fun!

got 61 in the third try

Very cute!! Great art, music and concept.

It's massively polished, but doesn't have much content. It achieves everything it tries to do, other than maybe add some more stages or something. 8.5/10


84 first run, 94 second run. Gonna go for 100! Pretty neat game!

game isnt working for me???

if you click ‘run game’ it should just work. What device are you using?

If you're using the web version, click "run game" and then press the enter key to start

Cute & fun game. Good job :D
Here's a short video of my gameplay.

Finally got to 100 after  figuring out the different timings on the cats. There was an occasional bug where the cat on the upper left would never reopen its mouth. At first I thought it was a clever way to make the player hit them again so they would re open their mouth to get a higher score but when I refreshed it was gone. Great work! Would make a really fun minigame!

Nice score! Yea I think that’s a frame perfect bug, not super sure why it happens. Thanks for playing :)

So I came back to see if it was feasibly possible to go past 100 and I got to 106. The round I got 106 on seemed a touch longer than all the other rounds. I don't have hard proof but the music went on for a bit longer than every other round. I haven't found a way to consistently get the longer round. On normal rounds I finally got 101 after many 100's in a row. Mostly I am curious if the rare longer round is intentional or not? btw @scott the music is amazing

interesting game idea. 77 cats on 1st try.


This was so much fun. I managed 70 cats! Thanks for uploading :D

how do your start it?

if you are using a computer press alt

very good game, accidentally shot a cat in the face while they were eating lmao srry cat. 64 cats fed on my first try!

It's very short but fun I also love the music. I'll visit the music artist after I'm done writing my comment.

good game, very cool

74 hungry cats fed! 👍🐱‍👤

I love it! 

Could you perhaps put the rom up for download?

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Sure, I'll update the page with it later today :)

the game was great. i only wish that the text boxes and font was different than the default gb studio ones. if this game had changed those assets it would have been perfect! maybe in a future update i guess...


Yea I feel that. I thought about making my own but making letters is tedious haha. Thanks for playing :)


nice! this is sure better than anything I could make in GB Studio...